Antonia is an orcish boxer, hailing from the Imperium , who long suffered from the effects of lycanthropy . She was mistaken for a kangaroo, adopted by Prince Logan , and remained his faithful - if vicious - pet for several years.

Raised by gypsies alongside her brother, Antonia was notorious as a pro-level boxer who defeated male opponents with strikes to the crotch. Her tactics got her banned from the league, and during outdoor training sessions to reinvent herself she was bitten by a werewolf. Driven by the madness of lycanthropy, Antonia roamed far and wide until she discovered Queen Daena's tree. She was declared a male kangaroo because of her lingering boxing posture until Captain Cedric revealed her lycanthropic nature to the kingdom at large.

As the kangaroo, Antonia is mean-spirited and cruel. She tends to attack anyone who has not earned her respect in a fight, and was infamous for biting off Captain Cedric's thinger in a brawl. This one slip aside, however, Antonia assaulted her victims with punches and kicks that hinted at her boxing roots.

When freed from her lycanthropy, Antonia is a jovial, pleasant soul who likes a good scrap. She has little trouble getting along with others, and maintains her fierce loyalty to Prince Logan. She speaks with a thick accent that makes her somewhat difficult to understand.

Though she enjoyed a brief freedom from her werewolf curse, Antonia has since reverted to her old feral nature and been imprisoned in Castle __________'s dungeon. Because she carries the accumulated weight of hundreds of status ailments, she may now be too vicious to co-exist with anyone.