Cedric the Guard is the captain of the guards in Castle __________. Gruff and unrelenting, Cedric takes his job more seriously than most people would probably like, particularly those under his command.

Cedric is utterly committed to his job. He spends his days patrolling the castle, training his martial skills, breaking up arguments and generally keeping the peace. He is very hard on his subordinates, and is single-handedly responsible for keeping Dragomir low on the castle's totem pole. The two have warmed to each other in recent months, though Dragomir's lazy attitude constantly grates on Cedric's nerves.

Like Dragomir, Cedric is secretly a writer, with a focus on poetry. His fixation may be the result of the loss of his thinger, bitten off during a fight with Prince Logan's kangaroo . The attack left Cedric with a growing case of lycanthropy, which ultimately resulted in werewolves overrunning the castle. Cedric has since been cured, though his love of poetry remains.

Hated by most for his grumpy attitude, Cedric's closest associate is Bernard. He also has a dog, and the two seem to hate each other.