Castle __________ is the primary setting of Dragomir's Diary. A cloistered fortress situated at the far western edge of the Indy Plains, overlooking the Grand Chasm, Castle __________ is ruled over by King Jeffrey.

The castle's geography is separated into various zones:

The barbican, used to defend the castle and filter traffic into and out of the castle

  • The Neck, a bridge connecting the barbican and the castle walls that's actually a giant death trap
  • The moat, a stretch of water around the castle's periphery that's filled with moat monsters
  • The walls, built around the castle's four corners for easy reconnaissance and defence of the castle's residents
  • The main thoroughfare, a place of trade and travel that connects the many parts of the castle
  • The western bailey, a place for tradesmen and merchants to produce goods
  • The eastern bailey, the castle's residential zone that houses the majority of the peasants in houses or larger apartment buildings
  • The keep, a massive structure that houses the nobility, the castle's soldiers and guards, the treasury, the jail, the Beefiary, the entire bureaucratic wing of the kingdom and a series of warehouses used to mask the presence of the hole
  • The king's tower, a structure built into the roof of the keep which houses the royal family and the king's pet dragon

Though hardy, Castle __________ is in a constant state of repair thanks to animal attacks, supernatural incidents, outside sieges and the oft-dangerous decrees of its king. Its several-hundred-strong population is thus constantly engaged in some manner of work.

Because Castle __________ is the primary focus of T.O.E.'s player, its name changes often. These name changes are filtered through King Jeffrey, along with many procedural and policy alterations. Its names in the past have included: