The diary is Dragomir's primary writing outlet. He writes in it five days a week, almost always without fail. Its cover is made of ratskin and wood, and its pages are parchment stolen from Castle __________ 's clerks.

Though generally disregarded as just another book, the diary seems to have come to life. Its cover depicts a changing face, and it can sprout four tiny legs to move about on its own. Only the rats, the cats of Goblinoster , and possibly June the Witch have seen the book in action. The diary can write in itself, using childish, grammatically-incorrect words and phrases to communicate.

When left to its own devices, the diary professes an extreme affection for Dragomir. It loves to be written it, and prefer its owner over all other writers. It also enjoys the company of rats, and has been used by the rodents to speak to Dragomir non-verbally.

Unlike Dragomir, the diary doesn't seem to mind diving headfirst into danger. It happily snaps itself onto the faces of cats, and may have launched itself at Driscol the Count during his siege on Castle __________. It is not, however, a fan of trolls .