Dragomir is a guard in Castle ___________ . One of many such guards, he is consistently considered the worst of the worst by his captain . His inability and unwillingness to act as an effective guard may contribute to his meagre standing. His desire to be a writer, and possession of a diary, has turned him into the primary narrator for Dragomir's Diary. Dragomir is married to Libby the Carpenter. Together they have a daughter, Eve the Warrior.

Dragomir has a penchant for getting into trouble, whether he goes looking for it or not. In his few years working in Castle ___________ he's lured a fellow guardsman to his doom, unleashed a sporific plague on the populace, embarked on a near-fatal journey to a distant land to find a cure, collaborated in the shaving of his king's head, and n early been eaten by a pack of werewolves . Among other things.

Dragomir is afflicted by a strange disorder that prevents him from carrying a weapon. The second he considers an item to be a weapon, he can no longer hold it. This problem is so severe that even strapping a weapon to parts of his body will cause his clothes to fall off. The reason for this abnormality is a mystery to all, including Dragomir.

Dragomir's hygiene is questionable. He's been caught picking his nose on multiple occasions, and whenever he's prevented with a dangerous or nerve-wracking situation he pees his pants. The latter tendency surrounds his clothing with an ever-present stale smell.