Driscol the Count is a noble in Castle __________ . He serves in some administrative capacity, though he seems to be centred on castle security.

Driscol is a haughty, spiteful man with nothing but disdain for the common folk. He talks down to virtually everyone, and makes little secret of his ambition to rise in the ranks. He is the polar opposite of The Baron in outlook, and so it's no surprise that the two are fierce rivals for power in King Jeffrey's court. He also detests Dragomir, primarily because he views the guard as The Baron's obedient lackey - and possible spy.

Though loyal to his country, Driscol has long harboured a dislike for his king. He spent months conspiring to have Jeffrey removed, ultimately culminating in a failed siege upon Castle __________. The Baron and Dragomir managed to locate and subdue Driscol.

Driscol committed suicide during his public shaming through the use of arcane fire, taking The Baron with him. He also demonstrated some power over cockroaches. The nature and extent of his magical capabilities is unknown.

Driscol may be the lover of Lady Evangelina , as they've been spotted together on many occasions, and she aided him in his attempted coup. The particulars of their relationship remain a secret.