Edmund is a wandering bard. A lyrical master and lover of music, he follows the tinkle of coins - though he can be persuaded to go on wild goose chases, should he find the right company. His penchant for speaking only in rhyme makes him difficult to understand, and has gotten Edmund arrested at least once.

Edmund is a generally cheery soul. He loves his job, and he puts his all into even the most mundane of conversations. His upbeat attitude has made him friends in Traveller and Dragomir alike, though his former travelling companion, Kierkegaard the Jester , seems to detest Edmund's company. As of Edmund's first visit to Castle __________ , the feeling appears to be mutual.

Edmund wears a necklace with a small lute ornament around his neck. He can turn it into a full-sized instrument with no effort, allowing him to travel light.