Eve the Warrior is the Lord Knight of Castle ___________ , and a member of the Omega Corps . Despite her high standing in the castle she is less than a year old, having grown to the size of a young girl through unknown means. Eve is the daughter of Dragomir and Libby, and is betrothed to Prince Logan.

Eve is notable for her brutal personality and extreme combat abilities. She is a one-baby-army unto herself, capable of taking on legions of combatants without much danger to herself. She seems to relish battle, and when enemy soldiers aren't available she slaughters animals within and beyond the castle walls. Her voracious appetite is viewed with horror and disgust by the people she defends... though they're too afraid of her to crticize her eating habits.

Normally silent, Eve communicates via deadly, apocalyptic prophecy whenever addressed. Dragomir has also discovered that she's capable of other speech, though the meaning of her words is lost on others.