Goblins are a race of short, green beings who live in the world of T.O.E. The smallest of the races, they have nevertheless carved out a fierce reputation thanks to their expansionist efforts, high numbers, and overall cunning. Most goblins live along the Indy Plains, and shun the presence of other races outside their slave race neighbours, the troll .

Goblins have a poor standing among the other races. They are noted for being fairly crude, and they hold little allegiance to anyone outside their own kind. Because they are small and dextrous goblins make excellent thieves, spies and assassins, and they often combine all three roles when entering foreign soil. Despite an 'official' alliance with Goblinoster, Castle __________ suffers from the predations of goblin burglars on a regular basis. In order to better spy on their neighbours, several goblin kingdoms have dispatched long-term, official ambassadors to other realms, though the wise among other races are well aware of a goblin ambassador's true duty.

Goblins are physically frail compared to the larger races, though group tactics allow goblins to overpower oversized opponents. Goblins also possess incredible noses that allow them to identify individual people, objects or contaminants at a great distance.