Kierkegaard the Jester is King Jeffrey's personal entertainer, and a fixture in court life. Though he is a penguin with a top hat and a moustache, nobody seems to find his appearance odd.

Crude and vicious, Kierkegaard wormed his way into King Jeffrey's good graces with his vile tongue and propensity for jabbing people with his tiny trident. He shows respect to no one, not even King Jeffrey, and has demonstrated a bloodthirsty side to his personality through his merciless slaughter of the rats of Castle __________ .

Kierkegaard was initially a travelling companion of Edmund the Bard , and was jailed with Edmund as an accomplice to excessive rhyming. They met Traveller in the jail, and he broke all three out. Kierkegaard abandoned the two humans shortly thereafter, leaving Plato the Platypus behind as a replacement. How or why he did this is a mystery. He turned up at Castle __________ several months later, and won the position of jester with a dramatic show of cursing and dancing.