Libertine the Carpenter, more commonly known as Libby, is a woodworker in Castle ___________. The most skilled of her kind, Libby values hard work - an attribute she does not share with her husband, Dragomir.

Libby is a gruff, no-nonsense women. She has an explosive temper that's generated more than a few black eyes in Castle ___________. Yet there is tenderness under her anger, and in the presence of Queen Daena she can act downright girly. She harbours a deep affection for Dragomir, though his idiocy often buries her softer side. This affection does not extend to their daughter, Eve the Warrior, whom Libby detests.

Already skilled as a carpenter, Libby has recently branched out into mechanics with her creation of the Matriarch Matriarch . With the assistance of Robert the Librarian she's also learned how to read and write.