Orcs are a sentient race in the world of T.O.E. Though they are green like goblins, orcs have more in common with humans: they are of a similar height and build, leaning more heavily towards muscle, and are only set apart by their colour, heavy jaws, sharper teeth, and slightly pointed ears. Most orcs go about their business with their eyes closed, though they have been known to open their eyes in moments of surprise, alarm, or drama.

Unlike humans and goblins, orcs tend not to congregate in kingdoms composed only of their own kind. Those living in the Imperium have blended into the other races, and those beyond the eastern borders are usually travellers or vagabonds.

Orcs can be found engaging in virtually any lifestyle, from lowly thief to high magistrate. Though they are culturally indistinct from humans, most orcs seem to enjoy boxing.