Oswald is the father of Dragomir and Robert , and husband to Martha . A farmer by trade, Oswald owns a small estate in the borderlands. He appears to raise eels and bulls, and the latter was responsible for ripping off his left arm. His worth as a farmer was questionable before he lost his arm, as he tried to milk the bull.

Because he endured a tough life and came out stronger for it, Oswald expects big things of his sons. He is consistently proud of Robert, who made a name for himself as a chef, but harshly berates Dragomir for failing to advance beyond a mere guard. Dragomir is terrified of his father, who, his gruff attitude aside, is much larger and stronger than his son.

Oswald has a thing for Dragomir's wife, Libby . She is appropriately uncomfortable around him. He considers Eve one of the few things Dragomir did right in his life, though Oswald is openly disturbed by his granddaughter's brute strength and love of eating raw corpses.