Philip is a former guard in Castle __________ . As a result of an ill-fated plan concocted by Robert the Cook , he was killed by an elephant. His ghost lingered on, and bothered Dragomir for several months. He has twice been used as a medium of communication for the rats, and he demonstrated an extreme distaste of the creatures when not controlled.

Philip's personality prior to death received little attention, though Dragomir admitted to liking the man. He has become bitter and irritating since his forced transformation into a ghost, and spends his days annoying people with minor spectral tricks and lewd drawings. He seems to dislike Dragomir, though Robert is more to blame for Philip's death.

Philip accompanied Dragomir on his journey to Goblinoster, providing remarkably light aid during Dragomir's various misadventures. He disappeared after Dragomir's return to Castle __________, and appears to be a spiritual prisoner of the rats.