Logan is the prince of Castle __________ , and son of King Jeffrey and Queen Daena . As the king's only son, he is next in line to assume control of Castle __________.

A spunky youth, Logan is fond of messing with other people, particularly his tutor The Baron. He's inordinately swift and dexterous, allowing him to commit petty crimes and flee without detection. Though he's the prince, Logan seems to detest the trappings of a noble's life, and typically dresses as a peasant. He often sleeps in a small shed on the castle grounds, and is usually accompanied by his pet kangaroo .

Because he loves pranks and often gets into trouble, Logan has few friends. Dragomir is one of the exceptions: Logan dotes on the guard, regularly conversing with Dragomir informally and stealing into Dragomir's quarters to read his diary. This may be the result of Logan's impending marriage to Eve, Dragomir's daughter, though comments by Queen Daena suggest that Logan genuinely respects Dragomir.