Queen Daena is one-quarter of the royal family of Castle __________. Originally a noblewoman educated in Wickeeford, Daena accompanied her husband to his new kingdom shortly after its construction. She has been queen ever since.

Queen Daena is unique among the people of Castle __________ in that she has lived most of her life beyond the boundaries of the castle walls. During the initial trip to the castle she fell victim to a glitch in T.O.E.'s programming which trapped her rear end in the trunk of a tree. Her character sprite has been trying to walk ever since, though she's incapable of escaping the tree.

Queen Daena is the polar opposite of her husband. Kind, gentle, fair and intelligent, she's the ruler the people of Castle __________ wished they had, and probably much of the reason the realm hasn't been abandoned. She's not without a temper, though, and unlike most people she's more than willing to berate her husband for his idiocy.

Because Queen Daena is constantly kicking, her legs have become incredibly strong. While she was still stuck outside the castle, she used this might to fend off wolves, goblins, bandits, and anyone else who dared to attack her. Now, thanks to her friend Libby, she uses those same legs to pedal the Matriarch, an armoured carrier that shuttles the queen's tree wherever Daena wishes.