Robert is the head cook in Castle __________, and the manager of the Beefiary. He is well known as one of the best chefs in the region, though he is persistently stymied by King Jeffrey's restrictive menu policies. He is the older brother of Dragomir, brother-in-law of Libby, and uncle to Eve.

Though Robert would do fine simply cooking, he has a penchant for formulating half-baked schemes to acquire new ingredients. These plans often land his brother Dragomir in hot water, and seldom succeed. The notable exception was Robert's strike against the monarchy of Castle __________, though it's possible that somebody else was pulling the strings while Robert took the lead.

Robert is one of dozens of Roberts in Castle __________, a victim of T.O.E.'s faulty random name generator. Dragomir persistently references him as 'Robert the Cook' or 'Robert the Brother' or something similar in his diary.