Robert the Librarian is the official keeper of the publically-held books and scrolls of Castle __________. He is a good friend to Dragomir and Libby , and taught both husband and wife to read and write in English.

Robert is a genial soul who loves to read. He will happily engage in lengthy discussions about any topic, and encourages literacy for anyone who visits his library. His favourite book by far is The Plight of the Slothians, and he's spent much of his idle time over-analyzing the book's passages.

Because he was 'born' with the construction of the library, according to the programming of T.O.E., Robert possesses a preternatural connection to his workspace. He immediately knows when a book has been put back in the wrong place, and though he's tolerant of the flubs of patrons he flies into crazed rages if his assistants get anything wrong. Robert has no purpose outside the library, and thus he never leaves his place of work. It may be impossible for him to leave.

Robert is one of many Roberts in Castle __________, a victim of T.O.E.'s poor random name generator. Consequently, whenever Dragomir speaks of Robert in his diary, he uses the name 'Robert the Librarian'.