Royal guards are a branch of specialized warriors dedicated to the protection of Castle __________'s royal family. They are specially chosen for their above-average martial skills and dedication to professional conduct. The royal guards are also known as the Omega Corps, and may be considered full knights.

Because they spend most of their time guarding the royals, the royal guards are required to wear specialized armour befitting their station. They have massive, spiked helmets on their heads, fitted plate armour on their bodies, and long, draping sleeves attached to their shoulder guards, the sleeves having been added by King Jeffrey to embarrass his protectors. The guards' armour is emblazoned with a prominent Omega symbol, and some may tattoo the symbol on their bodies.

Though honoured for their combat skills, the royal guards are viewed by the general populace with suspicion and fear. The guards are noted for their cold personalities, and more than one has acted overly-brutal in carrying out their orders. Recent events have implied that the royal guards may have a connection to the hole beyond simply guarding the entrance to the east wing of the keep.

The royal guards are commanded by Lord Knight Eve, but they receive most of their instructions from high-ranking dignitaries and the king himself. Their numbers include Brock and Roderick.