The Baron is a noble from Castle ___________ . Advisor to King Jeffrey, long-suffering tutor to Prince Logan and all-around managerial type, The Baron has his hands in most of the castle's internal affairs. He has no first name because the player hit the Enter key too quickly.

The Baron is a jovial man who, unlike the other nobles in Castle __________, tends to treat everyone with respect. The only exception to this is Driscol the Count, whom The Baron loathes, and he enlists Dragomir's help several times to unravel Driscol's behind-the-scenes schemes. The Baron's suspicions regarding Driscol's activities are ultimately confirmed when Driscol launches a siege on Castle __________.

The Baron is killed when Driscol, stripped and chained in front of the royal court, activates a spell that badly burns his nemesis. The Baron is laid to rest with full honours the next day, and his funeral is used by King Jeffrey as an excuse to reveal the existence of the hole.