The Matriarch is an armoured carrier that serves as the personal transport of Queen Daena . Built by Libby , the Matriarch is a one-woman assault vehicle, capable of taking on legions of enemies with little outside support.

The Matriarch was created to house Queen Daena's tree and the soil in which it grounds. The resulting vehicle is larger than the average building, and contains in it enough room to house dozens of people, including small bunks for fellow travellers, attendants, or soldiers. Chutes in the sides of the Matriarch supply the Queen's tree with water, and a sunroof in the top allows light to nourish the tree's leaves. A pedalling apparatus that descends from the ceiling when the clamshell closes allows Queen Daena to power and steer the Matriarch.

As a transport for royalty, the Matriarch is heavily armed. Eight cannons line the edges of the clamshell, and the inner walls contain cannonball chutes for quick reloading. Daena can operate these cannons from her tree or hand over control to others. The bottom of the clamshell sports a massive, spiked wheel used to shred any enemies unfortunate enough to be under the vehicle, and the driving wheels are large enough to crush anyone with ease. The Matriarch usually carries a small compliment of soldiers to defend the queen from close-range invaders.