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Traveller is a wandering storyteller, and the protagonist of Mindless Walkabout. Lacking knowledge of his past and not terribly bothered by the fact, Traveller does as he pleases without a jot of common sense or worry.

Traveller is without destination. He seems to revel in his aimlessness, changing his goals at the drop of a hat and thinking little of the consequences. His foolish behaviour often lands him in trouble, and though he could use his abnormal strength to get himself out of any predicaments, he tends not to fault people for harming him.

Traveller is secretly guided by the voice in his head, which he eventually discovers is a rat. The rat has been steering him far into the lands of the Imperium, though neither it nor Traveller knows exactly why.

Traveller has a thing for boots. Because he's so gullible, he loses his on a regular basis.